Radio Network Site Survey

RN site qualification surveys are carried out to identity the best candidate site for the nominal Cell Plan, for approval for site installation.

  • Collection of city maps & plots the coverage requirement.
  • Take the required options for sites.
  • Suggest the minimum height requirement.
  • Providing proper Photographs.
  • Providing details of area- Residential/commercial.
  • Providing details of Population- Income wise.
  • Any hilly areas or rivers or forest falling & direction.
  • Providing type of buildings available.
  • Check for antenna locations & directions.
  • Check for antenna orientations with reasoning etc.

Tools Used

  • Laptop
  • GPS
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Altimeter/Measuring Tape
  • Digital Camera
  • Mobile with SIM
  • Map Info Software
  • Vehicle for Survey.
  • Stationery as required.